Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The last post before P shut down his blog, was a question asking everyone what their personal or singles ads (if any) would look like. His ad mentioned:

That he's a boring-as-hell kind of guy looking for a boring-as-hell kind of girl.

My thougts: Yeah, given the person that he is based on his ad, he really doesn't deserve anything more.

Other than that, I remember seeing quite a few comments to this post, and some were quite funny. Like this one from Green Ogre:

Male 28 smoking (in more way than one)Likes change with time.Much better to keep in contact and updated.Likes that do not change include eating and sleeping.Looking for female ogress.Preferably with luminiscent neon green complexion.Should enjoy squishing pixies.Will enjoy claw manicures.

Now, that's creative.

There was another one which was quite interesting but I can't remember the exact details. But he mentioned "anyone who knows where to find all the good food at the east side of Singapore is immediately considered a friend".


As a joke, I posted this as my singles ad:

Female. 20+. 36-26-36. Looking for :

Females: 20+. Nice complexion. Likes sports.
Males: 7 inches.

After posting that comment, I realised that it reflects very badly on myself (not that i really minded that much), so i posted another "ad". A good version of me, that is. But i no longer recall what I posted. Somehow I don't remember the good things that I did, but the bad ones.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I posted a pic of myself with a friend on a beach as my icon. A buddy girl saw and asked, "wah lau, who is the babe in bikini?!" She was referring to me, if you have to ask. After a wee bit of chatting, i mentioned that I wouldn't dare to wear my two-piece now that i have put on a wee bit of weight. Come to think of it, it actually wasn't a wee bit. But never mind ....

Then she said that it wouldn't matter cos I have the boobs to fill it in.

Now, I want to clarify that this has been a misconception all along. While there are many gals out there, which would stretched their v-neck tops or deliberately pull down their tube tops to show off a bit or a lot of cleavage, I, for one, feel embarrassed when I get attention from my boobies. Talk about irony.

I prefer to wear body-fitting clothes cos they make me look slimmer. But im usually hesistant cos apart from showing off the fats that are desperately oozing out from my body, my boobies tend to get uninvited attention. While I believe in flaunting what you've got, lustful looks from the opposite sex is just plain annoying.

And dat's for my upper body.

Last week, a friend was hospitalised and I went to visit him before going to the range. So i was in a t-shirt and shorts. When I reached, G asked me, "Why are you dressed like that?". "Oh, I'm going to the range after this." "Ah B**n can't take any stimulation, you know?"

While I found that comment extremely farnie, it made me wonder if guys would get (as what G said) "stimulated" from seeing girls in shorts. Altho' I didn't think that particular pair of shorts was that short, I've had comments that state otherwise. Too many people had advised me against wearing short shorts (which i do), particularly at night. While I appreciate their genuine concern, it also gets me a little pissed that I can't wear what i like. So now, does it mean that I must keep my legs safely covered as well?

No, I don't think so. I have this thing for short stuff: skirts, shorts, mini-shorts, etc. As long as I'm not revealing my butt line, I believe I should juz wear whatever I want, depending on the situation of course.

So, i still think a girl's got to flaunt what she's got, as long as she does it with subtlety and grace.

I think I'll wear my v-neck to work tomorrow. Grins.

Friday, August 26, 2005

There were some unhappy events these few days.

1) P's blogspot was shut down. Apparently he was upset that certain people knew of his blog and his identity which he wanted very much to remain unknown. I could tell how unhappy and angry he was when I asked him about it. This was the second time he had to shut down his blog. To quote him, "... no point starting one and i have to shut it down eventually..."

P: I juz have to let you know that your blog is fantastic; i think u're a great writer and i look forward to reading ur blog EVERYDAY when i get to the office. Really hope u can start one again. I can't wait to get more of Eddy and the very-much-like-eddy Hisreason!! hee ... Otherwise, remember to consider the option that I offered you ;)

2) A good friend had fallen ill due to too much stress from his work and personal life. And he wasn't the only one who got sick. A few other friends of mine had also gotten sick. To make this friend feel better, I decided to bring him something comforting. Initially, I was thinking of a sex toy, but I reckon he wouldn't have much energy to wank. Then I thought of giving him a lap dance, but let's face it, I'm no professional dancer (even tho' i aspire to be, hahah) and all the excitement might juz give him a heart attack.

So in the end, I brought him some food that he really likes: Salmon sashimi

Now, salmon sashimi is very common and most of us can eat it at almost all parts of Singapore. But, this friend of mine is very "thrifty" and he would not even think of getting a red plate at Sakae Sushi. He once said that he was totally shocked at the price of $6.50++ for a plate of raw fish and he would never pay such monies even for the sashimi that he loves.

So after work, I got home, did all my chores and left for Sakae at Beeshan. I know Sakae doesn't serve the best salmon but it's almost the only Jap eating place that I go to.

Digressing a little, I spend half an hour at Beeshan juz to get the sushi becos.... I couldn't find the restaurant. Yeap, after the renovation and all, Sakae had moved and even tho' Beeshan is a place I frequent, I didnt know where Sakae was located. So i spent a good twenty minutes walking around the stoopid shopping centre juz looking for one stoopid restaurant.

Anyway, I got the salmon. Went home. Did my chores again. Went out at 12:10am to meet my friend. Handed him the sashimi. He was pleasantly surprised and was delighted cos he was actually very hungry at that moment.

He ate. I watched. We talked. We gossiped. We laughed. He confided some things to me. I did the same. 1:10am: He went home. 1:20am: I reached home.

Even tho' I had been rather down lately, I slept with a smile that night =)

3) There have been a lot of things going on in my head and I have been feeling very disoriented.

Current Job: New responsibilities. I find myself lacking the energy to do the best I can. And I don't like not putting in my best effort. So I am pissed at myself.

Upcoming new Job: I realised that I have not been contributing much to the new set-up and it's also due to the fact that I can't seem to put my whole heart into doing it. A lot of distractions. So I am pissed at myself.

Current Relationship: Things are stagnant and even though I try to add some passion into it, it doesn't seem to work. I blame myself for pampering him too much. I blame myself for not seeking enough attention. I blame myself for allowing things to happen this way. So, I am pissed at myself.

Friends: I am upset at the fact that 2 of my good friends will be leaving for overseas posting soon. I can't be pissed at myself for this. But I am pissed that I cannot let a particular one know about certain things that I want him to know.

So all in all, not a very good week. I am tired of smiling and trying to look happy. I really am. I'm constantly losing my temper easily and it's because I'm actually not happy. I try to make the best out of every situation, but i do get tired of trying to stay positive and optimistic. The "smile and you will be happier" method is losing its effect. Even Haagen Diaz and Snickers are not working. Damn.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I met up with a good friend of mine last nite for supper. And had a real shock. It's been only 2 months since I last saw him and he has lost a great deal of weight. I'm talking about 17 KILOS in 2 months!
No, he didn't juz get dumped. No, he's not on drugs. And no, he didn't juz came back from another part of the world.
He went on a crash diet.
Juz for your info, he was plump looking but was really overweight due to his very heavy bones. At around 1.75, he was weighing 93.5kg. In spite of this, he didn't look fat. He juz looked chubby. And mind you, he exercises 4 to 5 times a week (which is more than the amount of exercises some people do in a year). Still, he was plump. I thought it was all in the genes and he juz had chubby genes in him. So you can picture my shock when I saw him.
Even though he looked better, he didn't seem very happy. He went on medication prescribed by a doctor to curb his hunger pangs and denied himself of carbohydrates completely. So basically, he was eating fish + soup, or fishballs + soup, or juz salads + veg. On certains days, he juz drinks soup. kaoz.
It really makes me wonder how one will go all out, starving yourself, denying all your favourite food, eat only tasteless food for the sake of beauty. This applies to both the males and the females. I mean, i wish i've got a body like Jennifer Aniston but I ain't gonna give up fried hokkien mee or mushroom pizzas juz for this. I could cut down on my fav foods but not completely. Not being able to enjoy that food that you love is a very sad thing. I believe that we "eat to live, not live to eat". To make the best out of the situation and to always be a happy person, you gotta like what you're doing. If you're not liking the stuff you're putting into your mouth (juz like my friend), you're not gonna end up a happy person.
Anyway, I felt a little guilty about eating supper last nite (which was half a bowl of kway teow soup), so I walked up the stairs when I got home (actually, my friend who insisted on sending me up, forced me to do it).
I'm leaving office now. If time permits tomorrow, I shall share with all on how-i-lost-3-kilos-but-looked-like-i-lost-5 & some tried-and-tested methods on losing weight.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Recently, a guy buddy of mine was harassed on a few occasions by gays. I muz say I am not too surprised by this. After all, he

1) walks farnie
2) exudes an effeminate air
3) acts all gay-shit with almost all the other guys in our group

But, I do understand it sugs to get harassed (same or opposite sex, doesn't matter). So to this buddy of mine: Altho' I think you deserve it (for the three reasons above + your farnie t-shirt), I do feel sorry for you (a little).

I too, have been harassed before but with the opposite sex:

1) During one of my school holidays, I worked as a waitress in a golf club. It's not a very posh one, but many rich old men enjoyed going there for golf. Apart from the cheaper fees, they got to ogle at young girls who were waitressing there. And fyi, they were not at all subtle about it. E.g. When the waitress sends drinks over to the table, the men (especially the one sitting nearest to the standing waitress), would screen you all over. Starting from the face, to your boobs, to your butt, then to the legs. And they repeat the process in the reverse manner. Mind you, it's not at all flattering. You could almost see the message they were trying to convey - "Man, I want to bang her" or "What would she look like naked?" or "Girl, I have lotsa $$ and i want to bang you" or "How 'bout a fuck?"

I felt extremely violated, and wanted, on many occasions, to deliver my "knock-your-nuts-out-kick" or "smash-your-face-in-punch" but I held back. I wanted no contact at all (physical or otherwise) with these men.

Once, a group of men made an "offer" to "help me with my studies". That is, they wanted to pay my school fees for me. Fug them. I knew what they were thinking. Trust me, you can't give 'em the benefit of doubt. Not especially they were screening me while saying that.

2) This incident didn't happen to me but to another buddy of mine. He would kill me if he ever finds out that I write about this in my blog.

Ah kow (his nickname) went to a pub in JB with a group of his army friends. Think the ocassion was to celebrate something but I don't remember. Anyway, a beautiful girl came over up to him and they started chatting. Now, she was touching him on his arm and moving closer towards him as they chatted. He thought, "Man, am I going to score!" and before you know it, they were kissing. The kiss lasted quite long until Ah Kow felt something against his chin. It was rough and kinda pokey. Ah Kow was feeling a little uneasy but continued with the kiss anyway. Then he realised .... "It's stubble!!!!!!"

He pulled away immediately and ran like the wind out of the pub and started throwing up into a drain nearby. His friends, ran after him, found out what happened and started laughing till their sides ached. He made them swore never to talk about this again, but as we can guess, some of 'em didn't keep to their word. Otherwise, how would i know? hahaha ... *evil grin*

3) I was 13 and was on a feeder bus home. The bus was crowded with girls from my school. I managed to get a seat right at the back row. Halfway through the journey, I felt something irritating the side of my thigh. I scratched a little and thought no more of it. Then i felt it again. It was odd so as i flipped the side of my skirt to see what was irritating me.

I saw a hand.

No, this is not a ghost story. It was the hand of the Indian guy sitting beside me. I was in shock and I stared at him. He calmly removed his hand and acted like nothing happened. When a seat next to me became vacant I shifted to the next seat.

He shifted along with me.

I was so frightened but being very young and innocent, I didn't know how to react.

And he tried once more to touch me.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I looked at a fellow schoolmate standing in front hoping she would notice, but she didn't. Not able to take it anymore, I stood up. Friends I told this incident to all thought that I would kick up a big fuss and give the guy a good thrashing. But I didn't. I quickly alighted the bus when the it stopped. I was still young then, and didn't realised there were such perverts around. I cried all the way home, feeling dirty and violated.

As time passed, I realised that it wasn't my fault that such a thing happened, but I do very much regret not standing up for myself. Well, as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you make you stronger. I learnt from this that I must never be afraid of such creeps. They are the cowards to perform such despicable acts. If I ever meet up with such an arsehole again, I will make sure that my kickboxing training comes into good use *lifts an eyebrow*.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I experienced something odd this morning, and it brought back some memories of weird happenings that ever happened to me. Ok, here it goes ....

I used to live in Mohd Sultan, where there were a lot of old shophouses around. Now it's been converted to a pub. Not sure what is the pub's name but it's 2 units beside Madam Wong. Anyway, houses then were huge, with a few halls and there were quite a number of tenants living in the same house. We used to rent a room on the second storey. Our electric cables then were all connected to a main plug, which means that when one applicance tripped, the rest would be affected. Which also means that it's actually quite dangerous. Anyway, we got our first TV when I was 7. One time, I was alone in the room and everyone was out except my grandma who was doing laundry downstairs. Being still short then, I had to climb up the TV cabinet to on the TV switch. Just as I was about to touch the switch, I felt a very hard smack on my right shoulder. Thinking it was my brother, I turned back as i told him annoyingly not to disturb me.
But there was no one there. I felt a little weird but didn't think much about it. So i turned back to the switch and tried to on it again. Once more, there was a very hard smack on my shoulder. This time, I was a little freaked out. I climbed down the TV cabinet before I turned back again.
There was no one.
Feeling a little frightened, I decided that I could do without the TV and went downstairs to look for grandma instead. As I was actually not supposed to watch TV at that time, I didn't dare to tell grandma or anyone about this incident until years later.

My mummy's explanation : The god we were worshipping then was "Kwan Gong" (aka the Kwan Yu in Dynasty Warriors). And my mom said he was probably watching out for me at that time cos I might have been electrocuted if I managed to touch the switch. So, maybe I owe my life to him. hee....
Another odd incident happened juz last year in Bintan. I got to the resort and proceeded to change into my swim wear as I wanted to go swimming (duh....). After I changed, I realised I couldn't find my underwear. Thinking it was probably in my bag, I continued on with other activities.

When I went back to the room that night, I took out everything in my bag and still couldn't find my underwear. I looked in the toilet, under the bed, in the drawers and even to the extent of checking out the balcony and still, I couldn't find it. There was no way, my underwear could have been lost juz like that. It was kinda weird, but thankfully I had the companionship of my bf, so I wasn't freaked out or anything.

The next morning, we were packing to check out the hotel. As i walked past the TV, I felt something soft touched my tummy and slipped down onto my feet.
It was my underwear. The one I had been looking for. It was as if "someone" had gently thrown my underwear back at me and it juz landed on my feet.

I didn't know whether to feel relieved to get my underwear back. Eventually, I threw that particular underwear away after I came back to Singapore (altho it was still rather new) cos my bro, being a very superstitious person, warned me that "someone" might have tampered with it (by means of voodoo) or something.

My explanation : Think "somebody" was playing a trick on me. I certainly hope the "somebody" didn't try it on or use my underwear to arouse the "somebody"'s certain nasal senses .... arrggghhh ...
This morning.
As usual, after my bath, I would get dressed for work. But I couldn't find my bra. I usually go braless at home and when I sleep and I would hang my bras behind my door. That way, it wouldn't look too obscene when visitors come over.

Anyway, I did find my bra - hanging on the closet door. Now, this is strange cos I've never had the habit of hanging there (or rather, I've changed the habit of hanging there). There was absolutely no recollection of my hanging bra on the closet door. And i started to wonder if my not being able to light up the burner for my aromatherapy treatment last nite has got something to do with this.
My explanation : None
Why do odd things happen to my undergarments?
I haven't got any other spooky incidents, but share with me if you do. I love spooky stories .... :P

Monday, August 15, 2005

Movie Review

The Island
Show's about this group of people who were actually clones. Their sponsor (the people who sponsor the $$ to clone them) are extremely wealthy people who wanted another person exactly like them for different reasons including:

1) They are infertile need the clone to bear a baby for 'em.

2) They are sick and require certain organs, like kidneys, livers, etc.

3) They are afraid of aging and wants the clone's new and young skin

One particular clone found out about this and tried to flee from this research centre with his beloved but they were hotly chased by the appointed assassins.

My comments:

I think this movie displayed the ugly faces of human beings; selfishness, self-centreness, the desire to sacriface anything, even another human being for own's sake. Despite many comments that this movie is crap, I think it's a great movie. You gotta look more into it than juz the plot or the action. And really think about what we humans, are starting to mould into.


Way into the future, our protector of the skies will not be pilots and their equipment. Rather, it will be the plane only. This movie talks about how an aeroplane was "taught" to react and manoveure itself without a living pilot. But as expected, the machine went hay-wired and started killing the innocents. So, it would be up to the hero and heroine of the show to save the day.

My comment:

There's a fair bit of action but the whole idea is pretty crappy. If you're aspiring to be a pilot or one of those gorgeous hunks/babes, then you might enjoy the show. Quite a bit of twist at the end of the show as to who saved the day. Overall, 2.5 star.


The latest movie I've watched. As you would have guessed, the story's about a witch who wanted to become a normal human being, but couldn't stop herself from using magic or witchcraft. She then fell in love with a self-centred actor who changed for the better after getting to know her.

My comment:

The ending of the show is expected and you know, it's a fairy tale right from the start. Do not expect much twists and the acting's kind of exaggerated, as in "Bewitched" from the 1060s. There wasn't too much humour, or maybe I didn't understand them. All in all, not a show you should pay $9.50 for, but you can consider watching it during weekdays when tics are going for 7 bugs each.

The next show I'm gong to catch will be "Land of the dead". Such shows are purely for mindless-entertainment and I wouldn't have to give much thought about it. Maybe I should watch it alone ... keke ....

Thursday, August 11, 2005

To add on to yesterday's post, I have another thing to be happy about.

I have great friends.

A good friend of mine saw my previous entry and asked me out for a drink. We went to Macs (I have no idea why he's so crazy abt the hot fudge sundae) and chatted till midnight. Even tho' I still felt troubled by the recent happenings, the companionship of a goofy friend with corny jokes did cheer me up.

To the goofy fren : THANK YOU

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I went through my blog and realised that I have been blogging about rather depressing topics on my last few posts. So, instead of focusing on my misery, I want to focus on happier things.

1) National Day
I may not look like it, but I really am a patriot at heart. Plus, I managed to get a sleep of almost 12 hours. Felt good initially, but I ended up with a splitting headache due to too much sleep.

Digression : I don't understand how anyone can get too much sleep. I mean, c'mon! Getting a splitting headache because of too much sleep?! It's like being punished for giving your body a well-deserved rest! Okay, maybe not well-deserved (for my case) but I still need to rest.

2) Completion of Leisure Suite Larry (or something like this).
I managed to complete the game that I picked up recently. Which was a good thing cos i was really getting bored of the huge boobs and tight asses. Proves I am still a female after all. hahaha ... For those of you who don't see me as a girl, this is damning evidence, okay?!

3) .......

I can't think of anything else. At least not at the moment.

Some years ago, I got to know a guy, L, from the internet (yeap, the IRC thingy). We went on to become good friends who became each other's confidant. He was one of those few that I could hang out with, and feel comfortable even when we were both silent. I was still attached with my then boyfriend, but both L and I knew that there was chemistry between us. We both knew something was going on but refused to say a word about it. We juz acted like it really was juz a platonic relationship and there was nothing else. The only time we had contact was once, we were comparing the size of our hands by placing our palms together and he tried to interlock his fingers with mine. I quickly pulled away.

Some time later, L dropped the bombshell: He had to leave for Aussie to study architecture for 5 years. It hurt very much. Very, very much. I burst out in tears when I pulled myself away from the hug I was giving him at the airport. We promised to keep in touch, but five years is a very long time and altho' i still remember him, I doubt im very much on his mind.

Anyway, the reason why I told the above story is because a friend just confirmed that he would be leaving for a work posting overseas soon. He had accepted the offer and nothing, not even his beloved gf, is gonna stop him from leaving. I don't know why, but I felt the exact same pain like when L said he was leaving. I felt even more pain when i found out that he had done something else that I would not state here.

I am confused and upset. I need an ear, and someone to throw some light on why I'm feeling this way.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Were you ever beaten or slapped by your parents/siblings/neighbourhood bullies/mean cousins/younger-but-bigger-sized neighbour when you were young?

It all started when this friend of mine, PK and I were discussing how we were slapped by parents when we were young. I had been slapped by my mom (a few times), my brother (countless times) and my dad (once). But was caned thousands of times by my mom. Usually when my bro and I fight, my mom ended up caning both of us. Poor me, cos my bro was always the one who started the fights. And when discussing this, it brought back some unpleasant memories from childhood.

I had a rather unmemorable childhood. Reasons:

1) I was constantly bullied by my bro. He would make me get him water, buy him food, bring him the towel, wash his dishes, etc. and if I didn't, he would lose his temper and slap/hit/kick me. One time, when I was 11, I was so mad that he slapped me twice consecutively that I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the knife from the utensils drawer and ran back into the room and pointed the knife at him.

"You try hitting me one more time?!"

My bro was stunned. Not by the knife (cos it was small one), but by my reaction. For so many years, I bottled up my resentment and always did as I was told. I never fought back until now.

Luckily my aunt who was living with us then, came out of the bathroom and took the knife from my hand. If not, I might have ended up stabbing him. And myself.

2) My mom doted a little more on my bro and would usually acede more to his requests than mine. In fact, I don't remember playing with my own toys when I was young. The only toys I had was my brother's toy soldiers which I pretended they were food so that I could "cook" 'em, and two barbie dolls. The reason why my mom got me the barbie dolls was because my brother asked her to.

I have never had the habit of asking or begging and once my first request of buying a toy was rejected, I would never ask again. I never blamed my parents. I had seen how hard it was, esp. for my father to earn money that I knew we must not spend on unnecessary wants.

The silver line is I learnt that I can only depend on myself and I must work (literally) to earn the things that I want.

3) We didn't own a TV until I was around 7. At that time, we were staying in a rented room in a very old and run-down house in Mohd Sultan. The only friend my bro and I had who owned a TV lived on the first floor (that was when I was 5 or 6). We would always go over to his room and watch black-and-white TV. Once, while watching TV in his room, our friend kept asking us to go out and play. We reluctantly left the room and once we were out, he ran into his room immediately and his mom slammed the door shut.

This is an incident that i would never forget.

I told myself that I must never ask favours from other people. I told myself I must never let other people look down on me and my family. I told myself I must never do the same to other kids when I grow up.

4) My parents were often ranked No.1 on the billboard of gossips in that house. My dad, being a compulsive gambler and womanizer, often didn't return home till early morning almost every night. This, obviously became the source of my parents' quarrels. They would yell vulgarities and threw plates/glasses at each other. My brother took it badly and grew up crying in the middle of the night. I grew up fearing that they would separate one of these days.

Everyone in the household then, looked down on us because of our parents. Rather, they looked down on my mom, bro and me because of my dad.

I reminded myself that I must never look down on other people.

5.1) School was not a favourite place. I didn't enjoy studying what I didn't like. So naturally, I didn't do that well. Friends I hung out with seemed to come from pretty financially strong backgrounds so I could not indulge in the kind of activities which they enjoyed. Girls that i was nice to (I was in an all-girls school for 16 yrs) seemed to take advantage of me. I ended up very often by myself and had little friends. Sometimes, people mistook me for a mute cos I never seemed to talk at all.

Of cos, I did make some good friends, one of whom I still keep in touch with. So it wasn't all that bad =)

5.2) When I was in Primary 5, I forgot to do something that my form teacher told me to. As far as I can remember, it was only a minor mistake. But my teacher (who probably got up on the wrong side of the bed or didn't get some the nite before) flared up over this small matter and threw my book to the other side of the classroom.


I walked over. And picked up the book. With my hand.

I didn't like school then and this event obviously didn't make me like it any better.

Okay, I don't want to go anymore into the things that upset me. Keeping sad and bad thoughts is not something I enjoy. Will share some of my happy memories the next time =)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I just received news that a good friend of mine, E, will be leaving for Hong Kong soon. Apparently, he's got an offer fm his current company's HKG branch and he's taken it up.

Nowadays, quite a number of my friends wish to be expatriated or obtain a permanent position outside the country. Is this an upcoming trend? I remember missing my friends and my dog badly when I had to leave for aussie land. But schooling = a lot of holidays, so i wasn't too bothered. Now, the idea of moving overseas for work and having to start afresh without familiar faces is a little daunting. Although it can be pretty exciting too ...

I asked M, what she thought of E moving out of the country (M is E's gf) and she couldn't bear to see him go although she seemed excited at the thought of making HKG her second home. haha ... I hope things can work out between them. The long distance relationship I had when i was down under, didn't. Apparently, my ex couldn't bear with the loneliness and the appearing of a third party didn't help. I wouldn't say that he chose to be with her (altho' he did) cos ultimately, he wanted me back. Which I said "no" of course (mind you, i've got dignity). Also, just recently, another good friend of mine, P, ended his 3 or 5 years relationship because "things changed" when his gf came back from a work attachment in Germany. I think he took it pretty hard, altho' I believed being the strong person that he is, he'll be able to cope with it.

I think 2005 is a very bad year for me. My dog suffered a traumatising experience, I nearly lost my front tooth, my dad passed away, and now, a buddy is leaving for a long time (or, for good). One other good friend, W, might be leaving too if things work out on his side. Sigh. I sure hope this is the end of it.