Monday, November 27, 2006

Not about me

For the benefit of those of you who doesn't realise, Mela, under my links, has been re-named as Mrs (Green) Ogre.

Being inevitably unfortunate (given the recent list of events), I was unable to take leave and be present for their solemnisation ceremony.

I was most bummed. Actually, I still am.

Nonetheless, I still feel happy for the two of them. Actually, I am happier for Ogre because obviously, he is luckier than her. We all like Mel; and for good reasons:

1. She can cook lotsa good stuff and she would invite us friends over for food tasting.

2. She bakes delicious cookies/cakes. Not only that, she would instruct Ogre to send the cookies or cakes to me just to cheer me up, knowing that I hadn't been in the best of moods. Oh, she serves cookies during mahjong sessions too. Hee.

3. She is beautiful.

4. She can tolerate his nonsense (erm, but we all know that birds of a feather flock together. keke), but I'm really not sure if she's heard him sing. Probably not. That's why she married him.

5. Given all the goodies she's fed me, I conclude that Mela is a fantastic gal because she is very good to Ogre's friends (although selectively only) and I like her very much.

So yeah, Green Ogre is a lucky (lousy) piece of shit.

Knowing that Ogre's gonna jump at my comments, I want to clarify why I am not stating why Ogre is good for Mela; because he's proud of being known as a bastard and wants to remain this way.

So, congratulations, you guys =)


On a totally different note, a friend, whom i have not seen since last Nov, came back home and the first thing he said when he said me was,"Eh! How come you lost so much weight?!"

Firstly, I didn't lost a lot of weight. I just lost 2 kilos. But he has gained a fair bit of weight, thus the astonishment.

Secondly, I wasn't sure if I should feel happy. Losing weight is always good news to women - we never feel satisfied when looking down at the weighing machine. But knowing that my weight loss was due not just because of the regular runs, but because of loss of appetite and emotional matters, I really don't know if i should be happy about this.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thank you all for your concern. It seems to me that the wedding has to go on.

We can't communicate and can't understand each other.

I don't know what is going to happen. I only know that I won't be a happy bride.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Dull, is how I look
Enthusiasm, is absent
Pressure, is building up
Relax! They say,
Excitement, is what you should feel!
Sadly, that's not true; for
Sunken, is my heart.
The End.