Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another one bites the dust

So another one of us got married. He is the second last of the guys. We're expecting one more next year, and this group would be done getting hitched.

I was asked to do the video for the wedding, and I certainly hope I didn't let them down. Well, even if I did, too bad for them, since they got an amateur to do it. Heh.

I have been helper/sister/videographer for quite a number of weddings. So much that I've lost count. Can no longer remember how many times I have done the
酸甜苦辣 games. Even though this "tradition" is getting really old, it's still pretty fun. I can imagine you guys who are reading this, arguing that it's only fun for the girls, but not the guys.

Come on! In spite of whatever you have to go through, you still had fun, didn't you? How do we find laughter on the video if you guys don't make a fool of yourselves??? =D

I would like to compliment the groom of the latest wedding, for being pretty spontaneous and didn't lose his cool. Although he did try to find excuses to get out of doing tasks that were lined up for him, and failed miserably. Then, an annoying relative of the bride who came late and insisted rather aggressively that she be let into the house immediately, saved the groom from more challenging tasks. Although the groom was actually very eager to perform the task of singing. We almost had to shut him up (which happened during the banquet as well!).

This group of friends is very unique. I hang out more with the guys cos they stay nearer to me and more importantly, they bothered to stay in touch. Some years ago, before they started getting hitched, I thought to myself that I would feel really left out on their wedding days cos unless I'm asked to be one of the sisters by the bride, I wouldn't be invited to join in the day events.

One of the guys broke the tradition last year, and asked me, a female, to join the 兄弟帮. I can't even begin to describe how happy I was. Anyway, I mentioned this to another buddy who thought it was a unique idea and he did the same. This was a really good deal for me since I get to join in the fun but didn't have to eat or drink any weird stuff, or dance around like a monkey. I hid under the cover of being the videographer. Oh, to digress a little, given my extensive experience in weddings, most men can't dance to save their lives. Really.

Anyway, with just one more wedding to go, I certainly hope I'll still be involved. Crossing my fingers.

Will be attending the wedding of another good friend from poly this weekend. Even though we never failed to bicker when we see each other, and I frequently wish to sit on him, he's still a fantastic pal whom I truly respect. Will be just attending as guest for the dinner, although I had offered to be the MC for the night which he forcefully declined for fear of having to make a fool of himself during game time. That wuss. I hope he falls while walking down the aisle.

Heh =p