Saturday, October 30, 2010


I got up early this morning to prepare for our big dragon boat race, the Singapore River Regatta. As I was on my way to WY's place to pick him up, I got a call to tell me that my dog has passed away.

When i looked at him before i left my home, he looked so peaceful, as if he was sleeping.

Anyway, I was torn between going to the race and going back home to take one last look at my beloved baby. Being the team manager, i felt that it was important for me to be there, to keep things in order, and not to disrupt the morale of the team. WY made the decision for me, when he started suggesting people who can come down at last minute to take my place. In the end, I went home.

Stroked him, cuddled him, and sent him off to be cremated. You can say I cried buckets.

5 years ago, I lost someone I love. And it has happened again.

I miss my baby already.


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Anonymous Uncle Wang Kit said...

WANG KIT! 'noh that cure heartache, an naughty naughty experiment, naughty experiment

mon 8:30 Okto & sat midday uncle wang kit send you sweet nothing, noh!'

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