Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let Go

A dear old friend just returned from down under, and a few of us met up for coffee.

I realised then, that it has been really long, since it was just us. No spouses or partners. Just the gang that used to get together to hang out at void decks, coffeeshops, or over at Ogre's home playing mahjong.

For a while, I have been wondering if there will be times again when us friends just hang out, without the partners. I think the partners are fine; but your friends never behave quite the way they are when their partners are around (no matter how they argued they always behave in the exact same manner even with the spouses around).

With almost all my friends already settled down, I guess there will really come a time when I have to bid goodbye to the once funny acts that never failed to make me laugh.

Maybe I am quite reluctant to let it go, that's why I have been making new, single and young friends from work and DB.

Maybe it's time to move on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, actually, you now have a higher chance of meeting your friends alone since the spouse will always be at home taking care of the kids at night :)

9:24 AM  

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