Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who would you choose?

I posted a question to a male friend the other day, and he took a real long time to finally give me an answer. Reason being, he, like many other males out there, would like to have his cake and eat it (although I know I've heard a saying which goes, "what's the point of the having the cake if you can't eat it?!").

Question (for those with dicks only):

If you have, if you really have to, would you rather pick a girl who is super hot (like Jessica Alba hot) but doesn't really give a good blowjob, or you pick a girl who is only so-so looking (like Renee Zellweger, as opposed to Jessica Alba) but gives the best blowjob in the world?

Who would you choose??

Now, I don't want to hear (read) rubbish stuff like how you can "train" the hot looking one (I mean you, ogre) or make the so-so looking one go for some cosmetic surgery or something ... You can only pick one, and pretend it's a for life kind of thing.

So, would it be

sexy Jessica?



p.s. I think Jessica Alba looks so hot in that picture. heh.