Sunday, July 22, 2007


Sunday morning.

Instead of sleeping in, I have to get up early because today is the 49th day of Mr BF's mom's passing. So we gotta bring "her" back from the temple. And of course, cook some delicious home-cooked food so that she wouldn't go hungry when she "comes home".

Anyway, I didn't follow the rest to the temple cos I wanted to see if help was needed with the cooking. And obviously, the maid had done everything (which is why i'm on blogger now).

Anyway, I was eating my breakfast halfway and watching a HK TV serial on cable vision when suddenly Mr BF's dad decided to listen to music instead. He switched off the TV and turn on the stereo and started playing some CDs. The music was relatively loud and it filled the whole house.

That was when I started feeling nostalgic.

When I was young, my dad would play music on the stereo on every Sunday morning rather loudly. I would wake up, always to the music of cha-cha or the music of his time. I don't hate them, in fact, I grew to like them. It became a weekly routine; waking up to the loud music and opening my room door to find my father practising his dance steps in a very clumsy manner. Sometimes my mom would be practising with him. Either that, or she would be in the kitchen preparing lunch (yeah, i usually slept till noon).

So, I grew up knowing the lyrics to the cheesy songs and actually being able to sing them.


I really, really miss my father. Very, very much.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How much do looks matter?

I remember once reading an article in a fashion magazine where this photographer was being envied by many for his frequent contacts with models. But he claimed that it was a much tougher job than what many others thought cos the photos in the magazines have been heavily edited. The fact, most of the models aren't as perfect as they appear to be, and they do have little tummies, fats, or cellulite on their legs.

Then on Monday night, I was watching the Victoria Secrets fashion show(s) on TV and my god, those models looked gorgeous.

Not all of them were pretty, but all of them had fantastic bodies. These models are different from those that you see on magazines. To be able to walk down a runway, you must have that perfect body; that is, no inch of fat (except those on your chest) can exist on your body.

Then I was thinking, "Am I really ever gonna never look like that, not even once, in my life?"

I know, I know. Looks are only secondary and it's your personality that matters ... blah blah blah ... but i admit im vain, ok. And I want to look good, just like every other woman out there.

Now, I know what these models have to go through. They exercise like everyday, and eat only carrots and celery (and sometimes do drugs). And I also know, even if I run everyday, and survive on minimal food, i won't be able to look like that. Cos the fact is, I'm normal, and I can't just eat only carrots and tomatoes or spend my entire day in the gym.

Anyway, I have digressed and the whole point of this post is actually on the emphasis that people have placed on looks. We know that in the entire globe, there are only like 10% of people who look like those in the pictures up there and most of us are blessed with the luxury of eating pizzas, cookies and cream ice-cream, char kway teow, chocolate pudding, etc. But these models have became the benchmark of beauty and unfortunately, you're gorgeous only if you look like that.

Some time ago, I was watching some TV show with some friends, and one of the guys commented this when he saw a gorgeous model.

"哇! 如果我有一个这样女朋友, 我一定会好好做人."

Translation: "Wow! If I have a girlfriend who looks like that, I'll definitely be a good man."

Now that is ridiculous. So you'll learn to be a better man only if you have a girlfriend who looks like a model? And if your girlfriend is ordinary-looking just like everyone else, you'll be a jerk or an asshole and treats her like shit?

Shouldn't it be the case of 情人眼里出西施? (Translation: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder)

While I still bear the secret fantasy of having a body like those on the runway, I like to think that im beautiful enough for those who love me to appreciate me. Despite us women always finding fault with our bodies, we love compliments from you. Heh.

So men, if you really love her, remember to kiss her on her forehead tonight and tell her she is beautiful. And mean it.

Friday, July 06, 2007

It's a beautiful day

I woke up with a terrible cold this morning. Decided against going to work. So i washed up and took a cab down to the clinic. There is actually a clinic right below at my block but I had to get to a company appointed clinic so that i don't have to work out $$ from my own pocket for the consultation fees.

After seeing the doctor, the nurse informed me that Da Company has changed their panel of doctors where this clinic is no longer in the panel. Fuck. I had spent 37 bugs for the medical consultation and 4 bugs for the cab fare.

So I decided that i would just buy some food there and take a cab home to rest. Got my noodles and was waiting by the road side for an empty cab which seemed like an impossible thing to happen. Then, out of nowhere, i felt rain drops.


It wasn't heavy rain then, so I continued waiting hoping that some cab would just pass by and save my day. But it wasn't a great day to start with, so naturally nothing good would happen. After a couple of minutes, it started to pour. I had to run to a coffeeshop to get shelter while waiting for the rain to stop.

Fuck it. May as well eat my noodles here.

And so I did.

After a while, the rain had somewhat subsided though it was still drizzling. Finished my noodles so I took a smoke when I saw a number of empty cabs passing by.

Great. It should be easier to get a cab now.

How wrong was I! The minute I stepped by the roadside trying to flag one down, all the cabs just disappeared. To top it up, there were like a dozen people all waiting for cabs. Argh.

Despite everything, I managed to get home in one piece, albeit a little damp and more sick than ever.

I was told by my doctor that I had contracted viral flu. It seems like everything is related to virus nowadays. Why does flu comes with a virus? Why can't it just be normal flu?

Anyway, take care, y'all. Will update again.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Being well-endowed ....

The pain that most people wouldn't understand:

1) Spending $$$$$ on bras

Cos u gotta get a good one so that they won't become saggy when they're still in their prime.

2) Getting stared at

Cos big ones are not seen very often.

3) Extra weight when running

It's an excuse to slow jogging, but yeah, it never gets old.

4) Looking fat

Yeah, your assets makes you look bigger than you actually are. Which really sucks.

5) Wearing auntie bras

The stupid nice-looking bras in the stores are only meant for A cups and B cups. They dont cater to anything bigger. So you're stuck with wearing auntie bras if you want the support. It's so freaking unfair.

6) Cannot wear tube tops

Cos these tops really accentuates the already big size.

7) Risk becoming saggy


Just like Zhebin once said, it's damn sad to be called saggy.