Saturday, February 24, 2007


You know, Asia is a terrible place to work in.

The Asians are well-known for doing a lot of dirty work for very little money. It’s only in Asia that you get people working almost every day of the week, forfeiting time with family, sleep and any recreational activities for the sake earning a miserable pay just to put food on the table. Okay, maybe in other continents, they do that too, but somehow, Asia is a well-known place for exploiting human beings.

And it’s not just in third world countries; even in developed countries, such things happen.

So I was at work today, and as it’s still CNY, many people are on still on leave, enjoying the full mood of this festive season. (And to show my team spirit, I decided not to take any leave so that those with children can have a longer period to rest). Big-Ass customer (BAC) called up to arrange for some deliveries tomorrow but I told them we’re unable to deliver as per usual, early in the morning, because our logistic provider (LP) is facing a shortage of drivers. Apparently, some of the drivers are still on leave and LP has to manage with a smaller pool of drivers.

BAC was not ready to back down and insisted they must have all their deliveries within the same hour. Of course, I communicated the same to our LP. LP said if that’s the case, he would have to recall the driver back, thus eliminating his leave. The leave that his company had promised him.

It made me so sad to hear this.

I was brought back memories of those times when I was working with an LP myself, and my ops manager would tell me how little the drivers earn. Each container that they send to port would earn them only 4 bucks per trip. That’s soooo fucking miserable. When they ferry a different type of container, they get a bit more, but that’s still so little. Their company, on the other hand, is charging customer between 80 to 120 bucks per trip.

Most of them would get to rest only during CNY, and some of them don’t even do that, because vessels call our dear port every freaking day, and people are needed to send the containers to port.

But I know that in giant-sized companies, they don’t care about such things.

“You’ve signed a contract with us; so you have to deliver. We don’t fucking care if your people are not resting enough or don’t have enough time for their families. We want to earn our millions or billions of dollars, so we do not give a damn about your workers’ welfare.”

It is times like this, that make me feel that sometimes, being in a small company is better. Generally, in small organizations, the bosses tend to be closer to their employees and are more concerned about their well-being. Of course, not all bosses are like that. But I have been really fortunate to have been in small companies where the bosses are concerned enough when you don’t look well and seem troubled.

But, this is still Asia. My sources and my experience tell me that in US, Europe or in Australia, anytime you mention you have family trouble, you will be released from work. Cos nothing else comes first. And nothing else should.

So I guess unless I decide to move overseas, I have to be working my ass off every day. This really sucks.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I guess that pretty much sums up my Valentine's Day.

My dog was found the next day. Apparently, the poster worked, and someone informed us that he had sighted our dog at his neighbour's house.
My baby was picked up that very hour that I received the phone call.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Life is ...

... not just the number of friends' shoulders whom you cry on, but also the number of friends who cry on your shoulder.

... not juz being there for your family when they need you, but also the times when they want you there.

... not the number of lips you've kissed, but the kisses that take your breath away.

... doing your best not juz in jobs that you like, but also jobs that you hate.

... not the number of movies you've watched, but the movies that teared or stirred you emotionally.

... not juz having someone to hold when you're down, but someone to hug when you're watching TV.

... not the number of books you've read, but the amount of knowledge that you share.

... laughing not only because of hilarious jokes, but also because you're truly happy.

... not the number of kids you've had, but the number you've nurtured.

... not about the people that you loved, but the ways you've displayed your love.

... not about having a big house, but having a home.

... not about playing mahjong on Friday nights, but having the company of 3 others who share a similar interest.

... not about the number of people you've slept with, but the amount of orgasms you've had.

... not juz bringing joy to people whom you love, but also those who need them.

... not about looking youthful, but being young spiritually.

Lastly, life is not about the number of people who would be attending your funeral, but those, whose lives you had played a part in shaping.