Monday, December 25, 2006

Food for thought


How are newy-weds supposed to feel??

Excited? Anticipation for the future?

Are we supposed to do everything together? My mom told me that as newly-weds we should go to gatherings together as a couple. Sort of as a "sign" of being newly-wedded.

However, apart from gatherings with his friends and our uni friends, we have been doing everything else apart.

"Somehow i don't get the feeling of being a newly-wed. Do you?"

*pauses and think*

"No leh. But i guess it's because we've planned the wedding for the past one year and it's already sink into us. Or maybe we've been too tired out for the wedding."


Of course I know better why we don't get that form of anticipation and excitement. But he doesn't.


On a different note, it's been a relatively nice X'mas. The only more noisy gathering was the one with uni friends where we had a BBQ, played some games and did a gift exchange. I think secret santa is a great idea. For close friends only of course. It's quite fun to think of funny things you can get for your friends and seeing the expressions on their face.

I spent quite a fair bit for the gift exchange. But knowing the receiver genuinely liked the gift, I think it's pretty worth it.

Did another gathering at Bec's place. We have all grown up. Nowadays, we talk about cost of weddings, pregnancy, labour and cost of living. Not that I don't enjoy hanging out with them and talking about grown-up stuff, it's just such talk reminds me of how I'm much I'm aging.

I hate the idea of growing old. I have this thought at the back of my mind that if I had been born in some old village that has no contact with civilization, I would have become one of those witches that prey on young virgins' blood so as to remain youthful. Of course, it's just a thought. I don't like the smell of blood actually.

Finally did another gathering with Mr BF's friends. We had a movie marathon which I participated only after 2 movies. They're always rowdy and tend to talk more about things that don't weigh so much on your mind. They're good company for taking your mind off unhappy matters.

But I seriously miss hanging out with my poly mates. Gatherings with them is usually laugh, play and be merry. It's like we never left school. I think everyone need such company once in a while. We should always feed the child in us.

Basically, most friends are either happily married, blissfully anticipating the birth of a new baby, or loving their life.

I love seeing my friends happy. It makes me happy.

But there is a dear friend of mine who is rather unhappy recently. There is nothing I can do for him right now. At least not right now. But I sincerely hope that things will turn out well for him. I really do.

You know who you are. I'm not sure how long you have to wait. But please take care of yourself during this time. I'm pretty sure she is already thinking of a way to ease your heartaches.



I'm pretty disappointed that no one seemed to have read my post on my hen nite. Scroll down. It's the previous x 2 post.

Monday, December 18, 2006

As you might know, I hosted a wedding last Friday.

I'm too tired to blog about it now; will do so when i finally have the time.

Just wanna say a huge, huge THANK YOU to all those that helped out during this event. You know who you are.

Also, I received an angbao with the name Lorenzo. If not for the somewhat generous amount, I would have kicked this person's ass.

will update soon. stay tuned.

Dear Wen

I owe you an apology. Read on to know why.

I started the night with lotsa anticipation and excitement, wondering what the girls had in store for me. I knew they wouldn't let me off easy, given how I've done the same to a previous girlfriend before. But I do think you didn't have to go through as much embarrassment as I did; your friends didn't make you walk around in that undergarment they bought you in public. Not that I did, but to walk around in Holland Village with a long feathery pink sash, along with some bridal lace on my head, and to top it up with a pair of horns really did it. I heard laughter, woo-hooing and had lotsa stares on me. Hell, I was dressed to kill but all the extra stuff on me almost killed me. I swear a little boy cried when i got near. The only thing on my mind then was to get really drunk. Quick.

Your friends didn't get you to perform physical acts on total strangers, but mine sure did! Apart from having to kiss a total stranger on the cheek, I had the "pleasure" of having to sit on the laps of 3 different guys (strangers as well). Not to mention having to lick whipped cream off someone's neck. The silver lining is, he wasn't that poor looking. But nothing tops having to find 2 different guys to spank me on my butt. I didn't think the task was difficult; it was difficult when you've finally gotten high enough to ask total strangers to help you with the task only to be met with rejection. Twice.

I mean, c'mon! It's me! How can I ever get rejected?! I've never been rejected before. Sure, I'm not mind-blowing hot but I don't deserve to get rejected! These men are so going to hell for saying no.

Now that part where this letter comes into relation with you is the later part of the night. It was weird, having a bunch of friends watch you while the opposite sex perform some form of dance on you and being blindfolded sure didn't help things. I shan't mention how physical things got, but really, it was dirty. As in, whipped cream was involved. At that moment, I thought of what I had once subjected you to. And true enough, like you said, your friends enjoyed it more than you did. Thankfully, I wasn't handcuffed (I'm sorry about the cuffs that I bought for you then). On the plus side, I've had the absolute pleasure of touching a six-pack for the first time. And I thank my lucky stars that this part of the program didn't get as wild as your night did.

The party had to end earlier than planned as I had gotten too dirty to go anywhere else. Home and a hot shower were the only things on my mind. It had been real fun nonetheless. I haven't heard such laughter from myself for a long while.

We ended the night around 1am and I headed home right away. I needed to get out of my tube top which was, by then, all sticky and wet.

And this, summarises my bachelorette party.

Take care of yourself, Wen. I hope your stag nite was as memorable as mine.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I did it

I was late for the marathon, cos I overslept by half hour. Actually I got there at 6.30 when the race for the 21km was supposed to start but due to the hordes of sweaty men at the starting point, I couldn't get a headstart until the 10km for men did.

So I started running at 7am.

You know how people always talk about the light at the end of the tunnel? You run, and see the end of the road, and you think, "Okay, I'm just gonna U-Turn at the end, and I'll be making me way to the finishing point." ==> LIGHT

But there was no light. Hell, at the end of the tunnel, it was just another tunnel. And after that, it was another tunnel. And another tunnel ==> DARKNESS

I experienced several surges of temptations whenever I see fellow marathoners on the other side of the road where they're already heading back (note: i was late, not that i was slow). So many times, I was hoping to see some familiar face so that I can pretend to stop and chit-chat and make my way back with them without being noticed by the officials.

But, I persevered. Mainly because I didn't want to deal with the shame that i didn't complete what I had signed up for: 21.1 KM.

Besides, I had the company of a lovely boy who was not only entertaining but motivating as well. Throughout the way, we asked ourselves why we had signed up for something so torturing, which was only made more so on a Sunday morning. Yet, we joked and laughed and made the run much more easier for each other. Of course, we ran into Sian along the way and I went on for a long while on what a loser Sian is, to my companion.

After 15km, I was on the verge of giving up, particularly with the blisters that had surfaced and I had to turn to another motivating source: Food.

N.B. The bananas given along the way were not considered food.

The only thing that came to my mind was Mac's Big Breakfast. Yes, I realised it was not only pathetic, but loser-ish to think of food as a form of motivation (think Sibeh Sian). So I kept thinking of how much I wanted to eat the scrambled eggs and such to keep myself going. It worked a little. Only a little, i think. heh.

I finished the run after 3 hours 40minutes or so, and was too late for breakfast cos i couldn't get to the carpark in time to fetch my wallet to buy the breakfast. I was left totally pissed cos i had to settle for KFC which is Sian's favourite food.

At the point where I was running the last kilometre, my companion asked me, "Would you sign up again next year?" I said no way, I'm just gonna do it this once.

But now that i think about it, I think I might do it again next year. Maybe.