Thursday, February 28, 2008


Every once a month, I have to go down to our plant for a meeting. The attendees consist of twenty (or more) other men, and usually I am the only female present (there is this other female whom the males pay no attention to).

The meeting usually starts after lunch and can be unbelievably boring sometimes ... In times like this, it's really hard to keep my eyes opened.

Therefore, to keep myself awake, I allow my mind to wander aimlessly ... Well, not aimlessly. Frequently, I think of sex ... I know it doesn't make me sound good (which I am), but really, thinking of sex can keep you awake. Of course, it can make you incredibly horny as well but given I don't have body parts that reflect my emotion, i guess it's not that bad for me.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Random and Horoscopes
(Updated: Addition of Rabbit)

I meant to put up a post about the fantastic concert I went to (refer to previous post), but decided against it. Most people I know who reads this blog don't really care much about Jay Chou. Too bad for them.

There has been nothing interesting to blog about in my recent life. It has been most routine. I don't know how much more I can put up with this.

On the good side, I may be flying to the land down under in March, although i heard that Queensland is now 2/3 flooded during to the heavy rains.

It's crazy, you know? It's freaking summer in Aussie land now .... supposed to be about 40 degrees during the day, and dry like the desert but instead it's heavy rains and thunderstorms. The world is so changing.

I wonder if we'll ever get snow here.

Meanwhile, have a wonderful Chinese New Year.


I decided to add another topic to this post on horoscopes, given that it's the New Year and most people check their animal horoscope in one way or another. Here goes:

Life will be good for you. Rats are sneaky and disgusting and if you're as disgusting, you'll probably make it good. Make full use of this year for all your evil deeds because next year, you'll be trampled by the ox.

You have to slog and slog. What to do? You're born to labour all your life. On the plus side, you may die this year, bringing you the sweet release of death.

Not a good year for the tiger because the cats and rats can't stand each other. This year, the rat will get its revenge on you and make you suffer good. Be afraid and paranoid most of the times, because, those freaky things that you imagine will happen to you, WILL happen to you.

No change as compared to last year. The dragon doesn't care about rats and vice versa. Life will be as usual. That is, if it's good, then it'll remain good and vice versa.

If you realise, the rabbit and the rat look similar, except the tail. Due to this reason, it'll be a bad year for the rabbits, because of the increase in demand for rabbit stew. Which mean, most of the time, you'll get yourself in hot soup which you can't get out of. Better stay at home all the time.

Excellent year for the snakes. Snakes love eating rats and this year, you'll do much better than the rats. So find the chance to sabotage a rat now and you'll earn that promotion that you've always wanted.

The rats are not too happy at being trampled by these animals often. Better watch out. It's the year for freak accidents.

Generally, the rats and the goats have nothing in common, but goats are meant to be slaughtered so that we can have lamb chops, so you will continue to be bullied in all aspects of your life.

Those born in the year of dogs will do good this year. Because just like the rats, you don't really like the cats and that makes you allies with the rats. So learn to be more scheming and you will excel.

Chickens and rats tend to fight in the barnyard for grains (because rats eat everything) and being an enemy of the rats mean your life will be hell. Be more paranoid and superstitious; it'll help.

Doesn't matter as pigs never do well. They are only good for pork chops.