Monday, November 19, 2007

Fat People can't find Love

Look around and you'll realize that those people who are attached are usually not fat. Particularly girls.

They could be more well-endowed, possess child-bearing hips, or just come with elephant legs. But they do not fall into "FAT" category. They have problem areas but they're not a problem as a whole. "Fat" people are those who are look round, or huge and you can spot their body shape from far.

We have no problems befriending fat people, but we won't consider them as potential partners. Most people would rather date ugly-looking people than to date fat people. That is, if they have a choice.

Unfortunately, because of this, a lot of people are still single; the fat guys are still looking for slim girls and no guys want to pick up the fat girls. And it's harder for the girls, because while the girls don't mind considering fat guys, most guys will not consider fat girls. Never mind the fact that they can possess absolutely wonderful personalities.

I happen to know a number of girls who are still single. Most of them are nice, caring and would make fantastic girlfriends. But they're all single because they belong to the "fat" category. Some are not even fat; they're plump, and they're not less healthy than the average person. I have seen some of my attached girlfriends behaving in the most unreasonable manner and I do sometimes wonder why their boyfriends don't go find another girlfriend. But it's the most demanding slim girls that somehow keep their guy.

It's been a misconception that thin equals beautiful. A guy I used to date once pointed out a girl in public to me that, that was his idea of an ideal figure. She didn't have any curves, possess a washboard chest and chopstick legs. But the fact that she wasn't fat was what he was looking for. Of course, most guys wouldn't mind dating a girl with flesh in the right places (and perhaps a couple of wrong places) but they wouldn't date one with flesh in ALL the places.

Now, I know the superficial people out there would come contesting what I'm saying and blah blah blah. I don't give a shit. You're superficial and you just won't admit it.

But to those guys still single, maybe it's time you look again.There are really still a lot of nice, single girls out there. And before you start criticizing or finding fault with how the "fat" girls look, you'd better take a look of yourself in the mirror first. You may not be fat, but you can still look like shit. However, if you possess a generally pleasant personality, then I guess you would deserve to be with one of those we-may-not-deem-as-slim but are nice and good natured girls.