Friday, December 30, 2005

Meet Ups

Blogger Meeting

My first blogger meeting. Met up with a few bloggers for a dinner which only took too long to be served. But it was great finally meeting those who kept me entertained and inspired with their writings. It was like an IRC meeting. I looked at their faces and immediately think of the nonya food or seed or character their nicknames represent. Fortunately, they do not have disgusting or unpronounceable nicks.

All in all, it was nice. Most of us are polite, except for a particular purple animal that cracked too much lame jokes, almost provoking some punches from me. Must be too much influence from sweet young things that he hangs around with every other day. Lucky bastard.

Secondary School Mates Gathering

Finally met up with my classmates from secondary school after a whopping eleven years!

Before the meeting, i was a little apprehensive as I was worried about the possible awkward silences in between light chatting that may tempt me to leave early. After all, it's been more than a decade. People may have changed and such gatherings may no longer carry the comfort and assurance that it once did.

Boy, was i wrong! In contrast to silence, we were rowdy throughout the night and almost didn't have enough time to catch up with everyone who turned up. (Loud) Laughter was emitting from our table and subsequently our room (where we smoked sheeshaa) every now and then. We talked about all the silly-nottie-little things we did then and reminisced the good old times. The times when we were still very young, carefree and ignorant. Life was good.

Most of us still looked pretty much the same, although a couple of them actually didn't recognise me at all. It must be the age thing. Man, i absolutely hate growing old.

At the end of the night nearing 12, i was ready to go but everyone was so comfortable lying on the couch and just talking that they didn't budge at all. We could have camped there if allowed. But all good times come to an end, and all the lazy asses (as in butts) had no choice but to crawl out of the comfort zone.

Noteworthy incidents/characters include:

1) Some of us choking on the sheeshaa, including me.

2) Li**ng's notorious laughter which saw no changes from 11 years ago. Constantly contagious, inducing laughter from the rest of us.

3) Ch**g Y**'s blur and charismatic disposition, inviting individual/group photography sessions with all of us.

4) Jo**'s braces. Not sure how long she's got 'em, but she sure look cute.

5) Net** with her super memory from remembering all our individual orders. And she was very proud of it!

6) Fern getting "high" from smoking the sheeshaa.

In conclusion, it was a really fun night. Let's hope these good times will keep comin'.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Looking back into the past...

I enjoy going into archives of blogs. Particular those of my personal friends. If you have the time to go through archives, you can tell what this person has gone through and how he/she has grown or change. I went through the archive of a blog which no longer exist (actually it does, just in another version) and saw a particular post which brought back some memories. Good ones.

"Was clearing up my office today. Found this teddy bear which was given by her. I took the bear back home. It was dressed in a white T-shirt. Emblazoned across the front of the tee in red letters were the words "I NEED YOU." I held the teddy closely, give it a little hug and a squeeze, shook its hand and gave it a peck on the top. Smiling to the bear. "I wish you all the happiness you deserve. You don't need me anymore. "Yes, I am weird. I talk to teddy bears..."

Now, this friend has moved on and is a very happy person. Since he is no longer as angry and rants little on his current blog, I think we (as in, us friends) are very happy for him.

To the said friend: I do still NEED you. As a friend. But you know that already, don't you?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Change of Name

Note the change of name under "About Me".

I like names that start with "A".

So now, I am "Adrenaline" :D

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Horror

I realised that I am a little sick.

This is the holiday season and everywhere you go, you see hordes of people walking about, rushing here and there preparing for Christmas, shopping for presents, etc. Instead of joining them in the joy of the upcoming holidays, I went on the internet to find horror Christmas stories so that I can dampen (or attempt to dampen) my readers' mood for celebration.

I found nothing.

When i said horror, i was thinking of murders at back alleys during celebrations, Santa Claus turning into a werewolf and eating up little children, vampires making use of christmas parties to find their feed, etc.

Instead, what I got was how little children freaked Santa out by crowding the latter for presents, scary christmas movies and musicals, etc. The only "horror" story I got was how a "ghost floated to Buckingham Palace with a bunch of witches, became human and got killed by the Queen." Erm, this was told by a kid.

So you can imagine, i was bummed.

As such, I decided to write a horror Christmas story myself in order to achieve my aim.

*evil laughter*


Christine looked at her watch. It's eleven o'clock. Her dad had not come home from work and he has missed Christmas dinner. It was rare that her father did not call to keep her informed of the traffic that was holding him up, or the last minute report his jerk boss wanted. Every year until she was twelve, Daddy would dress up as Santa, come home by 7, and they would enjoy dinner together. He stopped doing that after her mother was killed by a mugger while coming home from Christmas shopping.

Anyway, Christine was getting anxious and while she worried for her Dad, she was also concerned about the party that was going on in Jason's apartment. Jason, her best friend, is holding a party and by now, half the alcohol would have been consumed. So would the marijuana.

Christine decided that Daddy must be held up by traffic and left a note, beside the sock she hung by the fireplace, before she left for the party.

"Sorry I gotta run, Dad. Call me when you get home. We'll have dinner tomorrow, yeah? Luv you. - Chrissy. "


As the cab pulled up, Christine noticed a commotion on the sidewalk. Several people were crowding around a particular spot but Christine couldn't tell what was happening. She didn't bother to check it out as she was dying to join the party upstairs.

The loud music from the apartment can be heard even from the lobby. Christine hurried up the stairs in anticipation of the fun she was gonna get. As she walked along the halls, the music started to get louder.

She opened the door to his apartment.

The loud music was on, but it appeared "liveless".

She walked into the living room, to find the stereo blasting but there was no one in sight.


She ventured into his room and found no one. There were a few bottles of beer lying on the floor. The entire room was in a mess, as if an orgy had taken place earlier on.

Christine walked around the apartment looking for signs of people but found nothing.

Her mobile phone rang.

"Hey, Jay here. We're at St. Paul's hospital now."

"What happened?"

"I don't know ... We were having fun when Pete juz sort of went crazy and started biting people."

"He what???!"

"He bit!! He fucking tried to bite me! That dude was crazy! I managed to dodge him but Jen's got it quite bad. He got her on the neck. I think it's probably the alcohol or the pot or something .... She's still in ER right now."

"Anyone else hurt? I'll be there soon."

"No no. Don't bother. The police is here. You'll be stuck here all nite if you come down here."

"Oh. Alrite then. Call me as soon as you have news yeah?"

"Yeah. See ya."

*Hangs up*

Christine, disappointed that the party had ended on such an abrupt manner, decided to head home.


As she left the building, she noticed that the crowd by the side walk had dispersed. There was no cab in sight. Hell, there was almost no one in sight. Except for the old man who laid quietly beside the garbage chute, covered with newspapers.

As she stood by the pavement waiting for any possible cabs to pass by, she heard some noise. It was like a person dragging himself on the floor. She turned around. There was no one. Seconds later, she heard the sound again. It was getting closer by the second.

Then ....


Okay, I decided to stop here. I already have an idea on what is going to happen and how this story would end. But I would love for you people to make your guesses and perhaps add some spice to the plot. Remember, it's supposed to be a horror story. So don't tell me it's going to be "happily after". Unless in a gruesome manner. Told you I'm a little sick.

Oh, and, happy x'mas, everybody. Let's hope all of u will have a story to tell after the holidays.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Adventure of the Creepy Crawly

Scenario: In a black Toyota Corolla
Characters: Me, Mr BF, MR USA and Little Miss Petite
Time: 2am, Sunday
Setup: MR USA was driving, with MR BF beside him. Little Miss Petite and Me on the back seat.

After 10 minutes of driving ....

Mr USA : Shit, I think there's a cockroach in my car


Little Miss Petite and Me : Hahahahahahah ....

MR USA : It's on the dashboard a while ago. I dunno where it is now.

MR BF: How come you have cockroaches in your car?!

MR USA : I think because I put food in my car once. The cockroaches just started breeding. Anyway, there is just one. I think I've seen it before.

Me : So, it's your pet then. *sniggers*

Mr USA : No lah, it's not my pet. And it's a very small one only. (it's a baby cockroach)


Mr USA : Shit. I think it's above my head.

Mf BF : *disgusted look*

Little Miss Petite and Me : HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!

Mr USA was trying to concentrate on driving whilst looking out for the cockroach. A few minutes went by and he was getting nervous from not being able to find the pest.

Mr USA : S**ron (refering to Little Miss Petite), HEEEELLLPPP ........

Little Miss Petite : Where is it? Hahahahahah .....

A couple more minutes later, the car stopped and Little Miss Petite alighted. Mr USA was trying to fend for himself with the little pest hiding in the corner of the lid above his head.

Mr USA : *frantic* eeeeehhhhhh .... I can't find it lehhhh .....

I grabbed a piece of tissue and leaned forward to search for the teeny weeny little cockroach which is supposedly hiding above Mr USA's head.

Mr USA, couldn't take the pressure and was worried that the cockroach may drop on top of his head, literally leapt out of the car, followed closely by Mr BF.

So there I was, left in the car alone, searching for the little pest. Though it was relatively dark, I managed to spot the tiny creepy crawly at the corner of the overhead lid. However, I left a little bit of stain as i crushed its little body against the lid.

It measured .... 0.50cm in length and 0.30cm in width.

Me : Okie. Got it.

Mr BF : *BIG smile*

Mr USA : Yaaaay ....... *goofy smile*

The two boys, assured that the deed was well taken care of, got into the car and we continued our journey home.


What is it with men/guys/boys and cockroaches?????

Friday, December 16, 2005

Do animals fall in love?

Some years ago when I was still in poly, I was supposed to do a short presentation for three minutes in class. It was a mini assignment on communication skills and the lecturer would record the presentation on a video recorder so that each of us would actually see how we present and correct whatever we were not doing right. So all of us went ahead to pick a topic to talk about and i submitted the topic as per the above.

However, I backed out from this topic last minute because I didn't have the time to conduct my research due to a very hectic schedule on my four-persons-game-on-a-square-table. I made up something before class and using information I had from a book, "All Women", I gave a talk on sexuality instead. Needless to say, everybody was eager and interested on what I had to say, particularly the boys.

Anyway, in an attempt to fulfill what I did not complete, I did a little bit of research on the long overdue topic and the following's what i've obtained:

Source : Ananova
Website :

"Samson, a nine-year-old German Shepherd, dropped dead when he found his best doggy friend Kim dead from a heart attack." ..... "After conducting a post-mortem and a number of tests, he could only conclude that Samson had died of a deep emotional shock."

Personal Pet's Experience
Source : Adrienne

A friend once dropped off her little Jack Russell, named Brownie at my place for a very short while (like half an hour) before her dad came to pick Brownie up. My own little precious, Tommy, was excited on seeing a similar type and went ahead with his expedition on checking out Brownie's ass(hole). But Brownie was not very pleased at having her ass being sniffed and judged, so she kept turning away from Tommy. Tommy didn't get the hint (apparently) and continued with his activity. However, contrary to usual practice (by other dogs), Tommy didn't attempt to hump Brownie. After a while, Brownie was being picked up by my friend's daddy, much to Tommy's disappointment. Little Tommy baby was miserable for a week. He didn't run around as usual when I walked him and he lost all appetite for food. I was heartbroken.

My thoughts:

Even though dogs(not sure about other animals) do not display facial expressions, they do experience feelings of happiness, sadness and fear. As such, I believe they are also able to develop feelings of love. Unlike humans, they do not explore love in a romantic manner. Sniffing of butts is hardly "romance" in human context. But it's a way for dogs to express interest and curiosity. So in conclusion, yeap, animals do fall in love.

And I think it was "love at first sniff" for Tommy. Too bad it didn't work out.

Animals fall in lust too, but I'll save it for another time.

p.s. I know this post is really short and lame, but I'm having a very tough time trying to focus due to the gozillion things going on in my mind. So, make do.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A letter she wrote...

I woke up this morning with my father on my mind. Even though it has been six months, my heart still aches whenever I think of him. It pains me everytime when I know he can't be there when I'm saying "I do", when we get onto the stage to toast to my guests at the dinner, when he can't be around to see me in a wedding gown. My dad really doted on me when i was young. He used to tell me that I am so beautiful, even much more so than my mom. Contrary to popular opinion.

When my dad passed away, I had lotsa fabulous friends who offered their support in every way possible. To thank them, I sent them an email after the funeral expressing my gratitude. Now, I just realised that I actually didn't managed to send to everybody since I didn't have everybody's email addy. Therefore, the below is the extract of the email and it's meant for all you fantastic people out there.


Dear friends

I would like to extend my appreciation to all of you who have made this period of time (which i would define as one of the darkest period of my life so far) easier to cope with. Ever since news of my father's hospitalisation and eventual passing gone out, I have received numerous sms, phone calls and emails from friends with comforting and encouraging messages.

To those who were unable to visit, I thank you for your emotional and spiritual support.

To all those who were there with me ... thank you for making the effort to be there physically.

To those who stayed with me throughout the night playing cards, chess and spouting "rubbish", thank you for sharing your energy to keep me awake during the wee hours in the morning.

To those who walked with me during the last journey of sending my father off, I find no other words to express my gratitude, but a simple, deeply-felt THANK YOU.

I would also like to thank a special someone who was there from the start ... sleeping over at the hospital, running errands, taking care of my dog ... to the end ... You have been a tremendous help throughout this time and shall be rewarded in the way i deem fit. heee .... :P

Finally, thank you again for your financial support and may God bless all of you and your family. Please take good care of yourselves and see you soon.


Friday, December 02, 2005

10 Traits that make you a Good Boyfriend

Finicky Feline posted an entry on her website on the "10 Traits that make you a Great Girlfriend". It was a very interesting read. And I must say that if any of you guys out there managed to find a girl who scores at least 8 out of 10, you must have sowed good Kharma seeds in your last life.

In general, I believed the traits listed are really what many guys want. But what do girls want? To give you boys some clues on handling your gfs, i put down a list of "10 Traits that makes you a good Boyfriend". Notice I use the word "good" here, cos girls are ever changing creatures and their expectations vary according to the weather. So there are hardly any "Great" boyfriends around. Not to the female species, anyway.

Note: This list is not in accordance to importance. They are all equally important.


1. You listen BEFORE responding

When girls rant, they want someone to listen to the whole story and their bitching before you respond. If you offer any opinion or comments before she finishes her story, you're either not interested or you just want to have sex, or worse, both.

2. You care for her family and her pet

Girls like the fact that you genuinely care for her family and it means that if she ultimately ends up walking down the aisle with you, there will be minimal family conflict.

And why is the pet important? Most girls see their pets as their sons/daughters/confidant/best friend and if her bf has a problem with someone they absolutely love, it could possibly mean you don't love her enough to make peace with the animal (which is something you should be able to do).

p.s. Pls make sure you really try to like her pet(s), and not stroke the little creature when she's around but kick the poor kitty off the bed when your gf goes to the bathroom.

3. You're filial

There is an old Chinese saying that goes ..."any guy that is filial to his parents can never have too bad a personality".

It still holds till today.

4. You make her laugh

Laughing always makes a person feel better, and if you can cheer her up even when her dog just died, it means you're really the one special person who can touch her heart. No matter what.

5. You go shopping with her and give your opinion

Many girls enjoy shopping (altho' i don't) and often, they would think of dressing up for the guy she adores. So go shopping with her and tell her which dress looks better and which colour makes her look slimmer. Never mind if you're colour blind. She just wants to know that you care enough.

If you hate shopping to the core, remember that your girl really wants to look good when she is out with you (and your friends). In that way, it makes you look good. And perhaps boost your ego a little if your friends or other people compliment your girlfriend.

Also, wipe the constipated look off your face when you do go shopping with her.

6. You remember dates

Birthdays, anniversaries, your first kiss, etc. If you can, buy her a little gift (price doesn't matter). At the very least, she cannot complain to her best friend that you didn't get her anything.

7. You give wise advice

Boyfriends very often serve as the pillar of strength to girls and being able to give sensible and rational advice is very important. Otherwise, she will go to other girls, or worse, other guys, who may undermine your role as a confidant.

8. You respect her

Do not cut her off immediately when she expresses an opinion. She wants to know that her thoughts matter to you and even if it really is stupid, don't laugh or jeer at her. If her self-esteem dips, she will blame you for it. Listen (refer to pt.1) and put across your own opinion in a diplomatic manner.

And, don't force her to have sex or blow you. It's disrespectful.

9. You're affectionate

I'm not talking about putting your arms around her body like seran wrap all the time. Give an occassional squeeze when you're holding hands, a peck on her forehead before bedtime, cuddle now and then, pat her gently on her head, etc. Things that only a boyfriend can do.

10. You tell her she is beautiful

As the world already knows, us girls think we are fat. No matter how much exercises we're doing or how little we're eating. But when the special guy thinks she is beautiful, she will feel better about herself and she will love you more.

Don't ever complain about her pimple scars, bulging tummy, chunky ass or unshapely legs. She will feel she is not good enough for you and yes, all her friends will think you are scum. You don't care what her friends think but be warned that if you still choose to pinpoint her flaws, her friends will drill the idea into her head to leave you for someone who truly appreciates her.


The above list just serve as a guideline and of course, it varies from person to person. In the defence of those with dicks, I would suggest that you try to attain the above traits only if your girl scores at least 6 out of 10 in the "
10 Traitsthat make you a great girlfriend". Otherwise, she's not worth it.

So boys, how do you score?