Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am sorry to say this, but women can sometimes, be such bad drivers.

Firstly, there was an auntie who banged my car from the back a few months back. It was along Paya Lebar Road where there is a perpetual jam. The cars were moving oh-so-slowly, and she still found the opportunity to bang me. What the hell. She must lack banging in her life. NB.

Then, there was this woman who doesn't check her rear view mirror before she reversed to park, and nearly hit my car, which was coming from behind. I mean, i saw that she was waiting for a lot. So i swopped beside to pass her, before she started her vertical parking. She didn't bother to check her mirrors and started backing into the lot when I was right beside her. She saw me only when her car was into the lot and she looked shocked. Yeah, you stupid bitch. You should have looked into your mirrors and ensure the path is clear before the reverse. What are you? A retard?

I encountered some stupid questions from my female broker at work today. Why people can ask such damb-ass questions is really beyond me.

I'm sorry, but why do the women I met always appear to be more stupid than the men I've met?


On the night before my birthday, I met up with a poly friend for dinner. I have been very busy these days, and rarely find the chance to ask her out for coffee, an activity that we engaged in heavily in the past. She met me at my office lobby, and from the back, I almost couldn't recognised her. She seemed to have lost quite a bit of weight, although she was still kinda chubby. During the dinner, I commented that she seemed to have lost a bit of weight, somewhat excitedly. After all, losing weight has always been a compliment. To which she smiled sadly, and said "Why wouldn't I?"

I found out from her that she had gotten pregnant (I didn't even know she was seeing someone), but she terminated it prematurely. Apparently, she was involved with a guy whom anyone would deem as an asshole. But she chose to be stupid (as she claimed) and still got involved with him anyway. As she had expected, when she smsed him to inform him of her pregnancy, he did not reply. Not at all surprising since he hardly contacted her anyway. But she didn't get the usual morning sickness so by the time she found out, she was already 9 weeks into the pregnancy. She considered a lot of options but decided to terminate the pregnancy finally.

Her news really hit me badly. I was feeling relatively down the next day, especially when I thought how I hadn't been there for her. She said everything happened too quickly, and she didn't have the chance to come to me. Fortunately, she had a friend who stayed with her the whole time.

I really want to spend more time with the people I love. I may not have enough time to ratio it well, but I will try.


Went zouk for mambo last week. It was a farewell for one of the dragonboaters and for the purpose of bringing another there for the first time. The thing I can't understand is, why do the "mambo zoukers" now all dance with some kind of hand gesture for every single word in every single song? I mean, who the hell did they think they were explaining the song to? And who the fuck gives a damn?

It's still good music though, although I stayed off the long island tea this time (I was knocked out before midnight the last time I went mambo which was last year).


My best friend finally got married to her boyfriend of 9 years. I was truly happy for her. Tried my best to assist her in anything that she needs help in and was kept busy and running about during the day (and night).

As usual, we had some fun during the gate-crashing in the morning, but her boyfriend (now husband) is really a nice and gentle guy, so we went easy on the challenges. The video highlights did not do justice to the fun we had in the morning though. In a nutshell, the editor had extracted only a very short and mild version of what went on the morning. I had painstakingly printed out pictures and had everything laid out properly so that it's easier for the editor, which was unfortunately, not utilized. I hadn't been trained, although I have done about 5 weddings for my friends. Even I can do a better job.

Oh, and I just want to comment that the Ogres' got a super cute daughter.


I am up at 1am typing this post because I'm in the midst of reading my work mails and transferring the read mails to the server's folders. Argh. Back to work tomorrow. I enjoy my work, but I'm not sure if this is really what I wanna do.