Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you ready?

The floods down under have screwed up a lot of people and their homes. And my holiday plans to go visit again this year.

Normally at this time, there would only be bush fires. Summer emits unbearable heat down in Aussie land, and I could never survive a full summer over there. This year, the rains poured down hard on them, immensing their very homes in hordes of water. It is hard to believe, that they actually have a law, where people are not allowed to wash their cars with hoses during summer time, in order to save water. I had a friend who was scolded in the public toilet once, for washing her hands, longer than she rightfullly needed.

Unfortunately, we sometimes need to face events like this, to remind us how lucky we are, to live in a country without natural disasters. We do not need to worry about our houses being lost through earthquakes, rebuilding the homes that have been destroyed by floods, losing our dear ones to tsunamis, etc.

In our country, people worry about the ability to own a car with high COE prices, being able to send their 2-year-old children to classes, when iphones will be in stock again in Singtel...

It is perhaps also this mindset where we would be painfully unprepared should a disaster strike us. A man-made disaster that is. How we would scramble and lose ourselves in panic! We always see the anti-terrorism videos in MRT stations, but how many stopped to watch the video and remind themselves that this could very well happen one day.

I just hope we'll all be ready when disaster strikes.