Monday, December 31, 2007


Almost every new year, I tell myself that I want to quit smoking. But many years have passed, and I am still smoking.

I think the real motivation to quit smoking is to be able to get some material benefits out from it.

So this year, I'm gonna bet that I can quit smoking, and you guys are going to bet that I can't.

Those of you who like to take this bet, it's SGD50 per bet, odds are 1 to 1. Hee.

Come on, give me a bit of monetary motivation to help me quit.

And don't give me those bullshit about "
your real motivation should be your health, family ..... blah blah blah".

Just tell me whether you're in or out.

Oh, and I seriously will track you down to get the monies from you if I win. And of course, you can do the same if you do.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dino Shit on My Head

I had a really tough week. It's been my worst days since I joined Da Company.

At some point, I couldn't decide to laugh or cry at my bad luck.



What I want for Christmas:

1) Own a gun so that I can shoot my mobile so that it would not ring at the same time when I'm on the office phone.

2) Own a gun so that I can shoot my office phone so that it would stop ringing.

3) Own a gun so that I can shoot the supply bitch.

4) Beat the crap outta the supply guy with my golf club so that he could wake up his fucking idea and stop giving me problems.

5) Crap on my boss's chair so he would understand what it feels like to have to clean off other people's shit.

6) Crap on my boss's boss's table so she would know what it feels like to have shit in front of you and feel fucked up.

7) Stuff a ton of mint leaves into that colleague's mouth so that she knows she has bad breath (and that she should come so close when speaking to me).

8) Head slam the marine girl because she is a bitch with no class.

9) Slap the colleague who comes whining to me about how bad a day she had because she had to face ONE fucking problem.

10) Burn the building with everyone inside except me so that I don't have to work but still get paid.

So, who's ready to make my dreams come true?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Because my friends around me are mainly guys, I get to hear a lot about things they like about women and sex. And I realised the parts of a woman that they like tend to reflect their favourite position on bed.


Okay, almost the favourite part of most men. If you're very into boobs, you would prefer missionary position. Just so you can watch and caress the flesh while you're going at it.


Guys who love grabbing ass would love humping, doggy-styled. Just so you can keep spanking while doing it.


Ah-ha! Being able to watch a woman enjoy her part of the action turns you on a great deal. Visuals are important. So you'd most likely enjoy making out in front of a mirror.


69. No better way to feel the legs while getting some action.

Okay, I may be wrong but there really seems some truth in this. Heh. Let me know.