Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Men can be so funny sometimes

I was searching online for a free software to download and this ad popped up and led me to a new website. It's an adult friend finder website. Something caught my eye (a video) so i decided to explore it.

I have to say, the things men say to get attention, can be so hilarious and entertaining.

The ones who can't wait...

"God has sent me baby! Let's Connect."

"Do you want to sex now??????"

Zero points for the English. Although, I know grammar is not what people in the website are looking for.

The ones who tries to hide their intention to have sex only ...

"I am ez going and I am looking for chat, discreet, noti & fun times with like-minded female.
I understand that most ladies require good chemistry so i am not rushing into things.
If a simple meet up for coffee/drinks/meal or movie sounds good to you, then why don't just drop me a line."

"I think my wishes here are the same as any others: to get to know sensible, sane people and chat first, get to know each other as friends/acquaintances, maybe meet up for coffee, etc....and if anything else happens after that, than its a bonus. If not, its OK too....no bad feelings. All done without stress, rush or pushiness."

Yeah right.

The ones with the huge egos ... (but probably without the huge equipment).

"Love doing oral a lot and fuck well in all positions for hours together."

Sounds like an advertisement.

The ones who probably won't get laid ...

"hmmm... don't know what to say. Just want to have some sex."

WTF?? And you seriously expect to get some response from this?

There is another group of people who would put up pictures of their crotch or worse, their nipples to attract the opposite sex. Why in the world would women respond just by seeing this? If you go stark naked, at least some women might appreciate either your openness, your build (or the lack of it) or simply just by the size of your accessory.

Anyway, had a bit of entertainment reading these intros for a while. Need to get to bed. Am falling sick.