Monday, May 28, 2007


Okay, folk, I think this post will be relatively longer than my usual posts these days ...

This incident happened last week in the office:

I came into office earlier, hoping to ease a bit of my work in the morning. Cos there was this meeting which was supposed to take place at 10.30am. It was usually a very casual weekly meeting with just 2 other colleagues to talk about forecast and demand for the week. But this time, 2 more persons were invited to sit in, as we were hoping for more contribution.

So I rushed a couple of reports, hoping that the information would be useful during the discussion, thereby pushing away a number of other duties. Then, at 10.45am, noticing that I had not been asked to meet up, I went over to the organiser's table to ask him about it.

She: Hey, aren't we supposed to have the meeting now?

He: *very surprised look* Oh! We already had it! At 10am just now! And we forgot about you! *Turning to his partner* Eh, QS, WE forgot about her!

She: *expressionless*

He: .... er er, because AP and RM had to meet up with a customer later, so we had to push the meeting earlier. Sorry sorry ....

She: *pause*

She: ok.

So I walked back calmly to my table and just sat down on my chair. I swear I almost smelt something burning.

Sure, we have the meeting only once a week, so it's not hard to forget about my part in this meeting.

Fuming, but I continued my work as usual. I was supposed to have another discussion with said people the next day and with more people involved, so I'll bring this up then.

And becos I was mad at this particular guy, when I got wind of some very important and urgent news, I chose to email him instead of calling him which I usually do.

In the afternoon, there was an uproar in the office.

Apparently, some of our products got loaded onto a certain vessel when they weren't supposed to. A very anxious colleague came to me asking if I knew about the situation, and I said I did. I also sent out the email earlier in the morning informing all concerned parties on this issue. The product was NOT supposed to be loaded.

"Then, who is the person who is supposed to inform our plant not to load??"

I smiled.


ring ....

She : Hello.

He: Eh! The XXX is not supposed to be loaded onto XX Vessel, is it?!

She: Yah.

He: But nobody told me!

She: *in the most nonchalant attitude* I already sent out the email in the morning. Didn't you get it??

Of course you didn't, you idiot! You are always not reading my emails, because im not a manager, or some big shot whom you want to suck up to.

She: Besides, you've also asked me last Friday if XX can be loaded. And I already told you "no". If you didn't get any update from me since then, my last instruction still stands."

He: *silent*

That's right, you fucked up.

Gosh, that felt good.

Said guy was recently rotated to his currently job 3 months ago. Since then, he's pissed a number of my team mates off becos of his attitude; acting all high and mighty, forgetting how he had once worked in the same team.

Quite a number of people just couldn't wait to watch him fall.

Anyway, I don't think I want to continue the rest of the story cos it doesn't matter now. All I want to say is, all humans make mistake(s). It's really your attitude after the mistake that decides if you should be forgiven. Unfortunately, said guy wasn't apologetic and he was desperately looking for loopholes to cover his ass with.

Some people just don't deserve to be forgiven.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things i foresee will happen to me

1) Spraining my ankle for the nth time

I've given up keeping count on the number of times i've sprained my left ankle. With the amount of running that I do (e.g. jogging, rapid jay-walking across heavy traffic junctions, running after the bus - yes, I do still take buses, etc), it's most likely this will happen to me again.

2) Falling down the escalator in my office building AND the stairs in my home

I have this intense premonition that it's a matter of time before I forget to hold on to the handrails on the escalator and lose my grip while frantically rummaging through my bag for my employee card. Then, I will fall backwards and tumble down the escalator and I would most likely cut myself and end up with a broken hip.

The stairs in my home formed an L-shaped pattern and is beautifully grilled with wrought iron. However, the non-grilled part faces the wall and given that I've had a few near-missed incidents at losing my balance while climbing the stairs (and I think these are actually warning signs), it's most likely one of these days I'm gonna slip and hit my face on the wall before tumbling down the rest of the steps, breaking my arm during the process. I do hope I break my left arm though, so, even if I can't write, I still have strength in my right arm to hit people.

This also brings to mind an incident last week. I was out with a friend and we were on the escalator at the Lido cineplex, and I asked him if he would hold on to me if i'm gonna slip (which meant, he might tumble down the escalator with me), to which he replied, "Then you don't be clumsy lah! If you choose to be clumsy, how can people help you?!"

My dear friend, clumsiness is not by choice. You can choose to be more careful, but you can't choose not to be clumsy. I'm just born like that, you know?

3) Seeing a shrink

My emotional and mental balance have tilted by quite a fair bit recently. I snapped at little things that are not going my way (which happens almost everyday) and I kept imaginging how it will go when I finally get hold of a gun where I can bring to the office and shoot everyone there. Well, maybe not everyone. There are some nice chaps around. But I would like to shoot my phone first, so it'll stop ringing. haha ... I'm kidding of course. I can't get a gun in Singapore. I'll just use my kitchen knife instead.

I find myself talking a lot more (to myself), and my emotions go up and down like a yo-yo. I frequently tear for no reason during travelling time alone (in the car) and since I don't fancy the idea of sharing all my thoughts to someone else I keep a lot of it in. If I don't see a shrink soon, I might explode, which would be a disgusting sight.

4) Getting fat

What's new? With the amount of work, numerous visits to the hospital and time to catch up with people that matter, I hardly find time to exercise. It's a matter of time before I become a fat, old bitch.

I have quite an uneventful life, eh?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I'm on course these few days and today is the first day.

Even though it's a relatively short insight into the chemicals industry, it has been very interesting. We learnt the uses of chemicals and how it's being produced.

Then I remembered some big shot ever mentioning during some awareness session that the chemicals companies are always being criticized for damage to environment and the community and emptying the earth's resources (oil) and so on.

The thing is, I wonder if the critics know the kind of materials that are being produced from chemicals, and if they do, then they would realise that it's impossible to do without chemicals in our lives.

Some examples of products that are being produced from chemicals include:

- The foam in the mattress you lie on
- The dashboard in your car
- The nice-smelling shampoo you use on your head
- The panadol you consume when you experience headaches
- The polyester used in fabrics (including swim suits)
- car tyres
- the plastic plate that your children are using

and almost a lot of many other things you find in your home. Basically, anything remotely related to plastics.

If the critics are unhappy about pollution to the environment, then I've nothing to say. Although I want to mention that many chemical companies actually do take a lot of extra care to make sure they minimize such damage. However, if these so-called critics are concerned about using up the earth's resources, then they'd better not be using any of the products that are being produced from chemicals. Which means, they gotta be using:

- wooden utensils
- banana leaves as clothes
- paper cups
- wooden chairs
- stones as toys for their children
- no TV or audio systems at all

and they had better not paint their homes cos paints are made from chemicals as well.

Also, if they're indeed using things made of wood, they should be criticized too, from cutting down too many trees.

I hope someone can provide some insight on what critics do for a living. Do they just criticise and get paid? Does anyone criticise their criticisms? Who gave them the right to criticise anything they don't see eye-to-eye to? I always get a feeling that critics are sad, lonely (and sexless) people so they want to take it out on everyone else. Unless you're a food critic.

Oh by the way, I still gotta work from home every night after the whole-day course in the day. I need some good massages.

Get the hint?